Waze Now Tells You the Best Time to Drive, Days Ahead of Time

Waze blog
Waze blog

Traffic sucks. It makes driving frustratingly unpredictable, but a new feature in the Waze app aims to kill all that guesswork.

It’s called Planned Drives. Plug in the time and date of your event—that big job interview you have downtown—and Waze tells you the best time to leave your house. As the day of the event nears, the app will tweak the suggested departure time as needed based on road conditions. You an also geek out with graphs that show peak traffic hours for various roads or highways.

The new feature is handy, but it’s only available for iOS. Still, there’s some handy social integration. Grant Waze access to your Facebook Events or your Calendar, and those appointments automatically become Planned Drives.


The new feature is out today—just in time for literally everyone in DC.


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With cities like Boston, they must just laugh and say, “Never is a good time to drive here”...ahead of time