WD TV Live Puts the Best Content in Your Computer on the Biggest Screen in Your House

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Doesn't matter if you're looking at a slideshow of vacation photos, streaming a Netflix movie or watching that copy of Hurt Locker you totally didn't torrent, they all look better bigger. So why squeeze your media onto a little monitor when you can stream it to your big-screen with Western Digital's newest media players?


The WD TV streams photos, music, and movies over your home network to a television using either an Ethernet port or 802.11n Wi-Fi and supports 1080p HD resolution. Two USB ports allow for streaming from external hard drives or digital cameras and the largest version of the series, the WD TV Live Hub, features a full terabyte of on-board storage as well.

But the WD TV Live doesn't play only your media. Being network connected, it streams content from the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, Flickr, Pandora, YouTube, and Facebook. It also provides unlimited on-demand access to Spotify's 15 million-song catalog at lossless 320kbps and share both songs and playlists with your friends—though you do have to be a premium Spotify member in either the US, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, the Netherlands or Spain to do so.

The WD TV Live retails for $100 and is available from Western Digital.

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Les Mikesell

I wish someone would add a wifi router, a 4 port switch, and space for a couple of 2.5" internal drives handled as a NAS to one of these and still keep the price around $100. Things should be getting to the point where one cpu can handle it all. Hmmm, maybe throw in a bluetooth audio receiver too.