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We All Want To Live In Monaco's Odeon Tower, But We're All Too Poor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy crap, look at the Odeon Tower, a slick new skyscraper in Monaco set to be completed in summer 2014. But good luck affording a unit—the place is expected to be the most expensive building per square meter in the world.

Dreamed up by architect Alexander Giraldi in a style inspired by belle epoque design of early 20th century Paris, the building will have two towers that reach heights of 557 feet. There are 259 units for sale, along with 73 private luxury residences—two of which are sky duplexes and a giant private penthouse on top complete with an infinity pool and private water slide. The penthouse alone is estimated to sell for around $329 million.


Even the "regular" apartments will have floor-to-ceiling windows that command impressive views of the French Riviera—it's the first new high rise in Monaco since the 1980s, so there isn't much skyline competition. And the building has Russian and Turkish saunas, a bunch of pools, spas, chauffer service, and a 24/7 concierge. Best of all? Residents can get these services through a touchscreen control in their apartment. All of this sounds ridiculous, but less so when you remember that Monaco is a mega wealthy tax haven that's a rich person's dream land. [SkyNews]