Illustration for article titled We Could Be Seeing More webOS Apps, as Palms Dropped the Submission Charges

As a further incentive to developers, Palm has ditched the $50 submission fee and is even going as far as refunding all the developers who've previously paid Palm to have their apps looked at.

PreCentral has been deluged with emails from devs who've passed on the email from Palm, which says "we're waiving this fee and refunding to all developers any $50 fees collected in the past. If you're one such developer, you will see a credit in your PayPal account in the near future."


This is great news not just for developers who've submitted several apps to their app market, but also potential developers who've been put off by the price. Whether the refund has come from Palm's new owners HP or not, it's definitely a sign that things are on the up under Jon Rubinstein's new bosses' reign. [PreCentral]

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