The Wii Introduced the masses to motion-based gaming. The Kinect took things one step further and all but eliminated controllers. Microsoft's latest innovation, an infrared tracker which is worn on the wrist, could make gaming and UI controls even more immersive than before.

The wrist controller users multiple infrafred cameras to track the movement of your hands, along with a handful of accelerometers and gyroscopes which can allow a device to locate you in space without the need of a sensor bar. From there, as is evident in the video, your hand can do virtually anything, and you can be anywhere without having to worry about how close or far away you are from a television or display. You can even gesture and control a device such as a tablet without even touching it. And yeah, you'd still might need a Kinect cam for games that track entire body movement, but for racing games and first person shooters, this control setup seems awesome. [Microsoft Research]


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