We Have to Talk About Ezra's Vision in Star Wars Rebels

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I can’t be the only one who literally screamed at their television during the most recent Star Wars Rebels. In the episode, “The Holocrons of Fate,” Ezra Bridger and Darth Maul share a moment that potentially speaks volumes for the Star Wars saga and, we were lucky enough to get executive producer Dave Filoni on the phone about it.


Before we get to Filoni though, let’s talk about what went down.

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After a great episode that saw Darth Maul capture the Rebels and send Kanan and Ezra on a desperate quest to get the Sith Holocron back, Ezra and Maul sat down to connect the Sith and Jedi Holocrons. Legend has it, this unholy alliance allows you to answer the biggest mysteries in the galaxy. Ezra wants to know the key to destroying the Sith. Maul, well, we don’t know what he wants.

Then the moment. Ezra looks into the Holocron and sees what he describes as “twin suns.” Maul says “I see him” and runs off ranting. “Twin suns” is the moment I screamed at the TV because it seems like he’s referring to Tatooine, where the person who actually is the key to defeating the Sith, Luke Skywalker, currently resides. Is this the image that Ezra sees?

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Let’s run this down: If Ezra wants to know the key to destroying the Sith and the Holocron shows him “Twin Suns,” drawing the conclusion to Tatooine is a safe bet. We know from the original trilogy that Luke, who lives on a planet with twin suns, is in fact the key to destroying the Sith. The possibility that Luke could somehow play any tangential role on Rebels gives me chills. However, the even bigger implication in seeing Tatooine suggests Ezra’s ultimate mission will come up short—he’ll never achieve what he wants. He’s already doomed to fail. Or, at least, fated for something he hasn’t even figured out yet.


And Maul, well, if Ezra sees Tatooine, maybe he does too. That would explain his dialogue when he says “I see him” followed by “He lives.” We know that Maul’s ultimate rival, Obi-Wan Kenobi, also lives on Tatooine, and it’s possible that’s what he wanted to know from the Holocron—the location of the man who first ruined his chances of ruling the galaxy.

So, with all that on the table, we had to ask Filoni if Ezra’s vision meant his fate was sealed.


“That’s a great theory,” Dave Filoni told io9. “That’s an interesting theory. Sometimes I learn from the fans and I love it. That definitely a good line of thinking because, with Ezra, there’s always a question of how is he going to be unique, which I think he should be as his own hero. It is HIS story, so we’ll see. It’s surprising who you cross paths with in life.”

As for whether the reference to “twin suns” meant Tatooine, Filoni played it coy. “You never know,” he said. “It’s so subject to interpretation. I would say that in the Star Wars universe, a planet with twin suns is almost the most common kind of planet. Wherever you see expanded universe material there are tons of planets with twin suns. You can’t see an illustration from Star Wars without someone sticking two suns in the sky.”

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On the other hand, Tatooine would also account for Darth Maul’s dialogue, which I pointed out to him.


“It could be,” added Filoni. “That’s an exciting possibility. That could be really cool but we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t want to lead you on in any direction, that would be unfair of me. It’s kind of an interesting moment and I like moments like that because it allows for discussion.”

Please continue that discussion below.


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What if.... And this is a HUGE IF.... Ezra is Supreme Leader Snoke?

  • He’s a force user
  • He’s relatively unknown as he is post Jedi purge
  • He isn’t a Skywalker so he can’t be The Chosen One we assume
  • He would sort of kind of be similar in age to Snoke? Assuming Snoke’s age kind of matches up to what we have seen of him physically
  • He’s taking the plunge into Sith artifacts from Season 3 forward

Would the folks overseeing the franchise pull a character from the cartoon and place him as the big bad for the third trilogy? What would make Ezra turn or go evil?

Totally just a thought.