Even the most ferocious storm can look beautiful in a time-lapse video

It's not what its author intended but, after seeing Huelux, filmed in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah, I want to see some spectacular time-lapse videos on huge storm systems.

From the author:

The weather in 2013 made it difficult for me to get some of the shots I wanted. There were many times I planned to shoot the Milky Way or Aurora, and the clouds would roll in.


Screw the Milky Way and the Aurora. There are plenty of those already. But where are the gigantic, beautiful storms? We need more of those.

Have any? Post it in the comments.

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Organized Chaos

As a young kid, I was deathly afraid of storms like you couldn't believe. I didn't want to see or hear them. I'd close my eyes tight and plug my ears until it was over. But as I got older, something changed. I grew to respect the power, the chaos, and yes, the beauty. Now I love them. If it looks like it's going to put on a good show, oftentimes I'll grab my camera, jump in the car and go. I'd love to storm chase in the Plains some day.