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We Need To Stop Developing These Creepy Pole Climbing Robot Snakes Immediately

Watching this robotic snake almost effortlessly slither its way up a pole and onto this researcher's arm leads to one obvious conclusion—this research must be stopped. Like immediately.


Robotic versions of almost any other living creatures are just fine, and I have no issue with the possibility that I might one day cross paths with robotic sharks, or cybernetic cockroaches. But the idea of a robot snake creeping its way up my leg? That's not cool. And if anyone from this research team is reading this, I highly recommend keeping a loaded shotgun in your lab at all times for the day when your creation suddenly becomes self-aware and decides you're no longer needed.

What do you think?

[YouTube via Modsnake via Automaton]

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"Snakes!, Why did it have to be snakes?"

Henry "Indiana" Jones