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We Should All Fight for This Iron Throne Made from Computer Keyboards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Who cares that the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones is forged from the swords of everyone Aegon conquered. This Throne of Nerds is made by artist Mike DeWolfe who warped together more than 20 different keyboards to create a throne every one of us who stare at a computer for a living should be fighting for. This is the pinnacle.

The keyboard throne is actually for sale too, you can grab it from DeWolfe for $500. A small cost to pay considering the war you would have to wage to take it over. DeWolfe explains:

The Throne of Nerds is made in honor of the Throne of Swords from the Game of Thrones TV series and fantasy series. It is constructed from 20+ computer keyboard mounted to a chair. The keyboards and have been shaped and melted to follow the form of the chair, the shape of the user, and to meld together into a combined whole.

The underlying message is one of suffering. The keyboards have been melted and warped. They’re made to twist to fit, but at the same time that renders them unuseable because they cannot fulfill their intended purpose. The keyboards are black and silver, and the underlying chair is white, but those colours have been replaced with black, in whole or in random splotches.


The cords of the keyboards are braided together on the back side of the throne. The whole chair is 4-feet wide, 4-feet deep and 5 feet tall. Imagine replacing your office chair with this beast. [Mike DeWolfe via Laughing Squid]