Weatherproof TVs Tested With Kool-Aid, Dirt (But No Pee Pee)

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Sound and Vision decided to take two "Weatherproof" outdoor TVs and subject them to months and months of torture in a short amount of time to see just how weather proof they really are. Both the Pantel PAN320 and Aquatic AQ-LCD17S-1 shrugged off dirt, water and fruit punch when poured or sprayed directly on them, but Pantel's model had grey blobs when under extreme sunlight.


The creator says that this is a feature in the TV to black out certain areas in extreme conditions so the crystals don't overheat, but it is quite inconvenient when this happens to you (turning the TV away from the sun cures it). Both these sets seem to hold up well under standard outside conditions, it seems, and should be worth your money if you absolutely need to be entertained at all times, even if you're outdoors. [Sound and Vision]



I personally dont know a lot of outdoor TV watchers, but I do know a lot of guys who have one in their garages (their caves), along side the beer-tap-thru-the-door fridges. I can see a waterproof tv being used there, what with all that motor oil, beer and testosterone flying around. Better safe than sorry.