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Web Browser Found Hiding Inside the Simple Touch Nook

Illustration for article titled Web Browser Found Hiding Inside the Simple Touch Nook

Well, well, well. Barnes and Noble's Simple Touch Nook made no mention of having web browsing capabilities. But if you type any URL into its search bar, that web page will magically appear before your eyes.


Browsing isn't really all that enjoyable, as it's monochrome and requires you to wait for the E-Ink screen to catch up to your commands. But, I guess if you need to look at something and have no other device around, it will suffice.

If you want to see more of the browser in action, check out the video put together by The eBook Reader. [The eBook Reader via Cnet via Engadget]

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I don't care about having a browser, I do like the size shape and feel of this new nook, but I also like having a keypad on the Kindle. But I also kind of like how the nook Color can run Android and is basically an awesome cheap tablet, but it is an LCD screen not e-ink. I hate and love having a lot of good choices. Also Harry Potter is not on either of the stores, makes me sad.

What are the legal areas about downloading a PDF of Harry Potter to an E-Reader? I Own all the books in Hard cover, but they are awkward to read because they are huge and forget taking them with you when you are traveling. I want them on my ereader but they don't sell them, so it isn't really stealing since they don't offer the item themselves so I can't pay for it, and I already Own the source material.