WebOS Coming to PCs This Year

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They're not offering many details—we'll hear more "throughout the year"—but HP mentioned today that they're planning on bringing webOS to PCs and printers. A spokesperson told SAI that it would run on top of Windows, a customized UI on top of Windows. Seems kinda silly, until you imagine it on one of their hot new TouchSmarts, and then it sounds kinda awesome. [Giz]



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Unlike some other "smartphone" OSs WebOS is fully designed and optimized for multi-tasking, and it runs on a linux core, it's easy to see how a touch-enabled PC running this OS could be AWESOME. It looks like HP has just announced that they are now going to become an OS provider as well as a hardware manufacturer. If the apps are good, the user experience on WebOS is ideal for touch-enabled hardware. it's also light-weight and fast, meaning either low power/low cost hardware that performs like much more expensive/powerful machines as far as the user is concerned, or a UI that simply has no lag. Ever. This could get interesting. A real linux-based, corporate-supported entry into the consumer desktop world...