Weird Tales backtracks on support of "ridiculous and offensive" novel

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Weird Tales Magazine ignited an internet powderkeg with its support of the racial dystopia novel Save the Pearls. But now, the magazine has apparently changed its position. The publisher posted the following statement just now:

I would like to tell our community that Weird Tales will NOT be running an excerpt from Victoria Foyt's novel in our upcoming issue.

Marvin Kaye is our editor and has full control over fiction published in the magazine and website, and he agrees with me on this.

Marvin was approached by Victoria Foyt, and was asked to review her novel. He was told that she was being slammed online by people who had not read it.

I have not read the novel, but have gone over its online presence today. I have no need to read it. I saw the blackface video and read the excerpts the author and publisher chose to make available. I must conclude that the use of the powerful symbols of white people forced to wear blackface to escape the sun, white women lusting after black "beast men," the "pearls" and "coals," etc., is goddamned ridiculous and offensive. It seems like the work of someone who does not understand the power of what she is playing with.

Marvin says if you read the whole book, she explains her use of this imagery, and it ends up as a plea for tolerance. I say, so what. And that is the position of Weird Tales - and upon reviewing the video and other materials, Marvin is in full agreement.

I deeply apologize to all who were offended by our association with this book. I am offended by it. I fully respect those who have been writing negative things about us today. You are correct.

I have removed Marvin's endorsement because he no longer stands by it. Marvin is traveling and will make his own statement shortly.


[Thanks for the heads up, Cat Rambo]


Dr Emilio Lizardo

All I know about the is what I have read on io9 today but when she says she doesn't need to read the novel to know that it is racist, she reminds me of every extremist that protested against a movie that they never actually saw.

Maybe this is the most racist, misogynistic, poorly written piece of crap ever written. But it seems like everybody is deciding that based on an excerpt and that doesn't seem right. Maybe this retraction is the right thing to do, or maybe it is just pandering to a vocal group upset by the excerpt. I can't say I know for sure.