Weird Video Of The Day: Watch A Penthouse Pet Burn Comics (NSFW)

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Vice magazine comic-book reviewer Nick Gazin hates bad comics but loves disposing of them. In his latest column, he recruited October 2009 Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely to torch one particularly offending title. Marvel at the NSFW weirdness of it all.


In his latest installment of "Comic-Book Witch Hunt," Gazin explains his pyromaniacal manifesto. Although the idea of burning comics gives me some sort of phantom agita (a childhood of tenderly securing each and every issue new issue of X-Force in an acid-free polybag will do that to you), Gazin's pitch is pretty damn funny:

Jerry Seinfeld once said something about how childhood is a constant quest for candy. I spent a lot of my time looking for candy, but I was hunting for comics even more. Comics equaled happiness–even bad ones were great. Obsessive wanting has led me to writing comic book reviews. Only now I no longer hunt for the comics. The comics come to me.

In tribute to the insulting top-ten lists of the once mighty Wizard magazine, I rank the free comics I get from best to worst. I think it's funny to also burn the worst comic. I don't think that the people whose comics I burn appreciate my humor, but to be fair I don't really appreciate theirs.

Anyway, the loser of his column's latest batch was Tak Toyoshima's Secret Asian Man: The Daily Days. To dispose of it, he recruited adult model Ryan Keely to give it a landlocked viking funeral, prance around in leotard, and talk about her Wonder Woman fixation and tentacle porn. Witness the oddball NSFW-ness:

DISCLAIMER: I've never read Secret Asian Man nor do I condone the burning of comics.

PS: Ryan, the comic you bought was Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia. Photorealistically fun J.G. Jones art!


[Via Vice]



Well, you have to admit, the man knows how to promote himself. Comics, fire and nudity sell themselves.