Welcome Back LHC, and Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

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Apple Watch pre-orders, a whole new look for OnePlus, and the return of the LHC. This is all the news and rumors you missed this weekend, and it’s all on BitStream.


After a two-year hiatus (I wish I got that kind of vacation package), the Large Hadron Collider is ready for work. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) live blogged the startup process over the weekend until finally, on April 5, the organization confirmed that LHC was, once again, up and running.

The LHC’s largest scientific contribution to date is the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle, a huge +1 for evidence supporting the Standard Model of physics. The last time LHC was working, it fundamentally changed the physics field. Who knows what could happen next. [NPR]

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Apps and Devices

Sling TV, Dish’s web-based cable service, had its first growing pains moment after faltering under the streaming weight of this weekend’s March Madness. [Re/code]

Apple Watch pre-orders will be available starting at 12:01am PDT on April 10. Prepare for a late night. [9to5Mac]

Roku made two big hardware refreshes. The Roku 3 now comes with voice-search, going neck-and-neck with Amazon’s Fire TV, and the Roku 2 gets a significant spec upgrade, basically making in a Roku 3, still for only $70.


Were you a PS Vita early adopter? Get free stuff from PlayStation from a legal settlement if you bought Sony’s handheld before June 2012. [Kotaku]

LG is showing off its brand-new QHD IPS smartphone display that will make its way into the upcoming G4. [Android Community]



The next-gen Apple TV may not support 4K video. Considering how slowly Apple updates its set-top box, that could be a big problem. [Buzzfeed News]


OnePlus finally has an all-new look with the heavily Lollipop-influenced Oxygen OS, a custom ROM that will replace Cyanogen on the popular One series smartphones. [OnePlus]

As you’d expect, a $164,000 Apple Watch is completely hideous. [Luxury Launches]

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