Welcome to Australia, Where Even Money Can Kill You

Australia has an earned reputation for being dangerous and inhospitable. It’s home to dickhead lizards that look like Jurassic Park dinosaurs, jellyfish that swallow regular fish whole, gangs of murderous sharks, herpes-infested carp, and snakes that are so sick of living there that they try to suffocate themselves in their own skin. Now even Australian money can kill you.


Specifically, a couple of out-of-circulation pennies modified by Miller Knives which hide a sneaky, tooth-shaped blade inside in their center. The blade itself is carved from a butter knife, and the whole piece is held together by flattened nails. Valueless currency? Cobbled-together weaponry? Mad Max is feeling more like a documentary every day.

It might not be the easiest knife to wield, but it’ll certainly make itself useful in a country where absolutely every living thing seems hellbent on killing or poisoning you.

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I sense a great disturbance in the Force... as though millions of TSA agents suddenly cried out in terror, and then began writing more invasive regulations.