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Here at Gizmodo, we love fun facts. But we think they've been treated pretty poorly on the internet. Too much of the trivia passing through our Twitter and Facebook streams is filled with lies. So we're starting a new site that hopes to fix some of that. It's called Factually.


We have two goals: First, we want to provide fun facts and cool images that you can trust to be accurate. But secondly, we want to give context and links so that you can learn more.

We don't live in a Snapple Fact world anymore. There's no need to simply take fun facts on faith. Thanks to the internet, and the magic of the hyperlink, we can learn more about the stories behind these little nuggets of trivia and historical photos and interesting statistics.


And when we inevitably make mistakes, we can explain why and fix our errors. If there's a dispute about a fact, we can even hash it out in the comments and maybe learn a new thing or two along the way.

Factually is your new one-stop shop for fun facts, interesting photos, and weird trivia. Join us on Twitter, Facebook, and our new Gizmodo web log.

To kick things off, share your favorite fun fact or amazing photo with us in the comments below! We'll feature our favorites—and find out if they're real or fake—in the days and weeks ahead.

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