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Welcome to Toybox!

Hello there, and welcome to Toybox - io9's new subsite for the nitty gritty when it comes to the pop culture we all know and love.


First things first, I'm James, a new recruit working with the io9 team to manage and run Toybox. Hi! You might know me by my former Gawker Media persona, Ursus-Veritas. I've been involved with the io9 community for a very long time now, having started commenting around 5 or 6 years ago. Since the Fire Nation attacked Kinja came to be, I've written regular posts for io9's community subforum, the Observation Deck - you should go there sometime, it's a magical place - and I've been lucky enough to have some of those posts grace the front pages of io9 itself time to time.

If you're familiar with some of my past writing, then Toybox will be the place to be for more of that. Like most io9 readers, I love Pop Culture: reading about it, consuming it, having a laugh about it and discussing it. Toybox will be home to discussion with a more playful bent, from silly bits of merchandising and action figures - the literal 'toys' in our pop culture toybox - as well as highlights of amazing fan creations and cosplay, to analysis and editorials on the deeper sides of the shows, movies, books and games of the worlds we love. You can expect a regular outpouring of thoughts on the big pop culture debates of the moment and more for the next few months (and maybe longer, if you all like what I do!), here on Toybox.


I hope you'll join me on this little endeavour, and have some fun along the way. If you want to get in touch with any tips or thoughts, don't hesitate to email me at, or tweet me @Jwhitbrook (I guess I really should start using this twitter thing now, huh?).

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Congrats Dude!
So, are we still gonna have Gameroom....Cause Persona 5....Persona 5.....