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Is it real? Samsung announced it has developed a prototype of a fuel cell that can be used in PDAs and portable multimedia players. This fuel cell technology works by converting methanol fuel into hydrogen which is combined with oxygen in a seemingly magic process that [insert miracle here] results in energy and heat, with water as a byproduct. In this case, that energy powers a 1.5-watt multimedia player that Samsung said can run up to four hours on one fuel cartridge. Samsung said it plans to bring these fuel cells onto the commercial market by 2007 or 2008. The company also mentioned another fuel cell for multimedia players that's in the pipeline that may be able to run for 10 hours on a single cartridge. This is not the first fuel cell announcement we've heard from Samsung, where last November the company boasted of a 15-hour battery life for a fuel cell it said it had developed for use in laptops. Announcements are one thing; let's see some working products. I'm just wondering, if these devices ever do make it to market, will the TSA let you carry these things on board aircraft?

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