Well, Now We Want A Brown Bear Sleeping Bag

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Inspired by the sad story of Bruno the Bear, artist Eiko Ishizawa created this "Great Sleeping Bear" sculpture/sleeping bear. It's stunning — and now it can be yours, because the artist is selling a limited amount of her handmade work.

In 2006 Bruno the Brown Bear stumbled into Germany. Thus making him the first wild bear to set foot in Germany in 170 years. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed after attacking local pets and livestock. According to the artist's website, this is how it inspired the work:

The sculpture, The Great Sleeping Bear, was originally inspired by the news occurred in Bavaria 2006. The news was about a bear suddenly appeared in mountains as a wild bear since 170 years in Bavaria. He evoked huge discussion among people, which happen to escalate involving the discussions in government. He was named "Bruno" by people who loved him, and called as well as "Probmlem Bear". In the end, the government made a decision to hunt him down.

What interested me in this story was that this bear was generating many illusions in people, as "the realities" by just crossing the borderline between countries. 
 In order to recreate such illusions, I have created a realistic bear as an sleeping bag as a boundary between the culture and the wild nature.


The creation really is gorgeous, and for more information head to the site.

[via Laughing Squid]