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Well, You Have Needed New Gauntlets...

Illustration for article titled Well, You Have Needed New Gauntlets...

So you're walking home late from work, and you take a shortcut through an alley. Three large men approach. But you're not afraid.


They come quickly from both sides, blocking either exit. One throws you a cocky smirk as he draws a knife.

Then there's a fleeting glimmer as your wrist catches a solitary street light. Your gauntlets take over from there. Two men flee while the largest stays to test his luck. You launch a punch in his direction, but even in your metal gloves, your fingers snap against his brick wall of a chest. Alas, the gauntlet is not made of fairy-dust-imbued steel but some tin scrap found in a garbage heap somewhere in China.


But hey, at least they only cost you $60. [ThinkGeek via CNET]

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ahhh, good ole thinkgeek.

this goes in the same category as the nano-shuriken duster, and other fun, albiet useless toys.

apart from a costume, i can't think of a real use for these. awesome to own though...