The DNA emoji was proposed along with a whole slate of new science emoji by a group of science enthusiasts, with the support of the American Chemical Society, and General Electric, which has runs an emoji-based science outreach campaign. The International Council for Science and the American Geophysical Union helped them determine which science emoji to submit. The Unicode Consortium picked up several of the proposal’s suggestions, among them a lab coat, microbe, test tube, and petri dish. In the original proposal, the DNA emoji is twisted the correct way.


The left-handed DNA sketch, though, isn’t the final image that will wind up on our phones. It’s just a rendering by Emojipedia. Ultimately the platforms will each design their own version of all the new emojis. Emoji 11.0 will likely roll out sometime in the fall. And hopefully, when it does, that double helix will be twisting the right way.

Update, Monday 2/20: Emojipedia has fixed it’s DNA sketch.