We're Not Dead Yet, Says BlackBerry, Launching a "Fact Check" Portal

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BlackBerry's U.S. market share is now 0 percent. But the company doesn't want you to think that it has given up yet. Instead, it has launched a new portal called the "BlackBerry Fact Check" to counter the "smoke and mirrors marketing tactics by competitors" and fight back with facts.


The company has been updating its new portal with a string of good news about BlackBerry products. It also encourages BlackBerry loyalists — whoever they might be — to let them know if they see "a work of fiction" from one of their competitors.

BlackBerry will launch its mid-tier Z3 smartphone in the UAE early next month even as it struggles to stay relevant in the smartphone market.


Do you still use a BlackBerry phone? Do you know anyone who does? Let BlackBerry know! [Top image: BlackBerry]

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"We're not dead yet... "


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