Western Digital My Passport Studio Drives, Now With E-Paper

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Don't expect to read a book on 'em, but Western Digital's latest My Passport Studio hard drives feature a customizable e-paper display that stays on even when the drive is unplugged.


(e-paper is all the rage in external drives lately, and we've already seen Western Digital make the upgrade in their larger externals.)

Aside from the display, the My Passport Studios are preformatted for Macs (though they'll run just fine on a PC with a reformat), connect over USB or FireWire 800 and range in price from $150 (for 320GB) to $200 (for 640GB). They're available now. [Western Digital]

WD(R) Introduces New My Passport(TM) Studio(TM) Portable Drives, Delivering Super-Fast, Go-Anywhere Performance for Mac(R) Computers

E-Label Smart Display Helps Creative Professionals Organize Their Storage

LAKE FOREST, Calif., March 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — WD® (NYSE: WDC), the world's leader in external storage solutions, today introduced its new My Passport™ Studio™ portable drives featuring the super-fast FireWire® 800 interface and a customizable e-label that's always visible, even when the drive is unplugged. Sporting a sleek and stylish design, the new high-performance My Passport Studio drives are formatted for Mac® computers, compatible with Apple® TimeMachine® software, and feature automatic and continuous backup with WD SmartWare™ software, and 256-bit hardware-based encryption. Available now at select retailers and shopwd.com, the new My Passport Studio drives are offered in capacities of 320 GB, 500 GB and 640 GB.

WD's My Passport Studio drives are designed for creative professionals and Mac enthusiasts. Their production and use of many large files require the fast transfers from computer to My Passport Studio drives that FireWire 800 provides. Professionals such as photographers also benefit from the e-labeling system to effectively organize their work.

The e-label smart display on the front of the My Passport drives can be changed as often as desired using the included WD SmartWare software. Users can easily create a label to personalize their drive or remind themselves of its contents. The e-label also shows available capacity and whether the drive is locked. Utilizing e-paper technology, the information on the display remains clearly visible, even when the drive is unplugged.

According to research firm Parks Associates, the average U.S. broadband household currently has over 120 GB of digital media and files which is projected to grow to over 1 TB of data by 2013.

"Many of our customers store their content on multiple external drives, making it difficult to know what content is on each drive," said Dale Pistilli, vice president of marketing of WD's Branded Products group. "The e-label smart display is an elegant and practical solution for organizing and keeping track of one's digital life and work. WD SmartWare software makes it easy for users to protect their valuable content with automatic and continuous backup and encryption."

The new My Passport Studio is fully compatible with Apple TimeMachine software for easy backup of your most important files. It also offers the option of the simple and intuitive WD SmartWare software, with automatic continuous backup and real-time visual interface, giving users a reassuring view of their backup as it happens. After the first backup, users' files are backed up automatically every time they change or add a file.

My Passport Studio drives also feature user-selected password protection combined with 256-bit hardware-based encryption, which scrambles files before they are stored. Typically found only on much more expensive drive systems, the encryption acts as a virtual padlock to keep users' data safe.

Price and Availability

The new My Passport Studio drives are offered in capacities of 320 GB, 500 GB and 640 GB and have a 3-year limited warranty. My Passport Studio ultra-portable drives are available now at select retailers and online at shopwd.com. MSRP for the My Passport Studio drives ranges from $149.99 USD to $199.99 USD depending on capacity.

My Passport Studio

The new WD My Passport Studio ultra-portable drives feature:

* Smart display – a customizable e-label that reminds users of what is stored on the drive and provides available capacity and security status at a glance even when the drive is unplugged;
* FireWire 800 – users can save and access data at top speeds with the high-performance FireWire 800 interface;
* Plug-and-play, designed for use with Mac computers and compatibility with Apple TimeMachine software;
* WD SmartWare software that visually presents consumers' data in a software control center;
* 256-bit hardware-based encryption and password protection for peace of mind knowing that data is protected from unauthorized access;
* USB 2.0 interface – for convenience and compatibility among multiple computers;
* Planet-friendly packaging derived from recycled materials to minimize waste;
* HFS+ Journaled formatting and are compatible with Mac OS X Tiger®, Leopard® and Snow Leopard®; and,
* 3-year limited warranty.

WD SmartWare Software

WD SmartWare software features:

* Visual backup displays that show content in categories and shows the progress of backup;
* Automatic, continuous data backup will instantly make a second copy whenever you add or change a file;
* Retrieve valuable data to its original location whether it's lost data or the file has been overwritten; and,
* Customizable data backup that allows users to set drive security, run diagnostics, manage the power settings, and more from the WD SmartWare control center.



It's like a hard drive magic 8-ball. If I shake it hard enough it will give me a different result. "All signs point to data corruption"