Western Europe to Be 100% Mobile by 2007

Western Europe is on track to hit 100 percent mobile phone penetration by 2007, according to work done by research firm Analysys. Some countries, like the UK, Italy, and Sweden, have actually already hit that number, which is standard marketing parlance means there are enough phone subscriptions to cover ever person in the populace (not necessarily a phone in every hand). Maybe that's why in Europe, mobile companies are starting to compete on their service features, instead of locking customers into one- and two-year contracts and then telling them to enjoy what they get.

The same firm predicts the US will have around a 65 percent penetration at that point, which means we're likely in for a long haul of marketing catering to new customers instead of existing ones.


Mobile penetration to hit 100pc in Europe [Enn.ie via MobileTracker]