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What a City Would Look Like Without Any People in It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Paris is the city of love. It's a city of style. A city of taste. It's a city where life ballets itself around you. Now imagine that dreamy Paris without any people. Without any life. Without any love. Scary! Claire and Maxime of Menilmonde filmed Paris and deleted people, cars and life from the footage and came with this deeply unsettling short.

Here's what Paris looks like before and after people and moving cars. It's haunting:


Here's their translated explanation on how they cleaned Paris up:

You just have to have a good tripod and a video camera, and shoot in a static scene for about 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the density of the crowd / vehicles).

As a film consists of images (typically 25 frames / second with our PAL format), it then simply export your 5 minutes of movie 7500 photos (300 seconds (5 minutes) * 25 frames = 7500 photos) with your software of video editing (personally, we use the version of Sony Vegas Pro 10)


The project recalls memories of the photo series by Lucie & Simon that showed empty cities and was inspired by Ross Ching's Empty America series. There's something about seeing the emptiness in video, to see things—like escalators and birds—continue to move on without humans. [Claire and Maxime via DesignTaxi]