What a Picture in a Picture in a Picture in a Seemingly Endless Loop of More Pictures Looks Like

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How to have fun on the Internet: when a friend takes a picture with a picture of a girl inside a monitor, you take a picture of that picture and you make someone else take a picture of your picture and keep going on an endless loop that'll be like a picture in picture in picture in picture. This went on for 55 pictures. Watch the fun above.

In the words of Paul Weber, the genius who pulled this off:

A few weeks ago (as of today August 2012) a friend of mine from Ohio posted a hilarious picture of himself posing next to a monitor with a picture of some un named girl. Before I even had a chance to "like" it he has already taken it down citing "Mal is pissed."

Much to my delight 10 minutes later there was a picture of his roommate and co-worker posing with a monitor with the original picture. I thought this was so funny that I had to get in the act from all the way in Washington DC. A few more of his co-workers, and a few more of mine later, and we had tapped out our co-worker resources.


They eventually jumped onto Facebook and Reddit for more picture help. You can see the whole album here. [YouTube via PetaPixel]