Fantastic artist Flora Borsi, who once hilariously photoshopped herself into old pictures, imagines a world where abstract art models are actually real people. Like if the features and characteristics that were exaggerated in classic art pieces actually existed.


Flora took four famous portraits from 20th century painters and re-created them as if they were real people that existed. Artists like Picasso sure had a wild imagination, right? Flora Borsi explains her project, which is called The Real Life Models:

Nowadays almost every photographer use graphics software to complete the picture, like many painters used 'original version' in the past.

Some artists use pure imagination to paint their artwork, others may prefer to create art by using a real life model as reference for the anatomy.

What if these abstract models were real people?

Along with Picasso's Woman with Green Hat, Flora also recreated Rudolf Hausner's Gelber Narrenhut, Amedeo Modigliani's Portrait of a Polish Woman and Kazimir Malevich's Female Torso. Check out Flora's work here. [Flora Borsi]


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