What an Abandoned Ghost Warship Looks Like

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Scott Haefner, a San Francisco-based photographer, infiltrated abandoned warships parked in the Suisun Bay to document the current state of decay of these once glorious beasts. It's an amazing, up close look at what is known as the Mothball Fleet.

These warships were around for World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. They're stationed out in a bay 30 miles northeast of San Francisco and are pretty much left to rot. But! There's still a sizable security presence scanning the row of ships so Haefner and his photgrapher friends had to carefully scout, plan and board the ships in secret.

Once aboard, they typically stayed for a weekend (staying in the captain's quarters), sleeping through the day and waking up at night to snap their shots. Most of the ships have molded and rotted but there's a sort of stale beauty in the forgottenness. It's an absolutely amazing story and well worth the read. Check out the full first-person account at Scott Haefner's website. [Scott Haefner via Defense Tech]