What Are You Doing About Light Bulbs These Days?

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There are the LED lightbulbs you know you should buy, and then there are the insane 10 for $10 sales that try to lure you back to the incandescent days. But between everlasting light bulbs, app-controlled light bulbs and light bulbs that do the dishes and see into the future, it's pretty clear that change is upon us. Bulb life, light quality and price all factor in. What do you buy and why? Illuminate us below.


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Incandescent bulbs were cheap. Some of them lasted a long time. The lighting was much better with the ability to select higher watt bulbs. But, alas, the incandescent bulbs were no longer 'green', used to much carbon fuel and were contributing to polar bear deaths.

Okay. So I switched to CFL's totally a few years ago. Saved quite a bit of money on the electric bill. Have probably offset the cost of the bulbs by now but they are beginning to slowly burn out. Now they say that CFL's have mercury and a hazmat team needs to come into my home with full gear on to dispose of them. I guess they aren't as 'green' as we thought they were.

Now it's LED bulbs. I bought a few for a lighting bar above the sink in my bathroom. Same brand, same packaging same price but totally different color of light. And it took awhile for me to get the second mortgage approved to buy the things, the correct fixtures to ensure that they didn't over heart and die out quicker, and test my electrical flow to make sure it wasn't pulsating more then it should (which can also damage them). Not to mention, that price per lumen they are killers.

I went back to bees wax candles. And now my damn bees have colony collapse disorder (CCD) and are dying off. The ones still living are grossly effected by the electromagnetic fields (EMC's) that are created by my cellphones and it is driving them away from their nests. There is even evidence that my bees have the newly discovered "Bees-AIDS" which is some sort of fungus or virus that there appears to be no cure for. Soon, I won't be able to harvest enough wax for one birthday cake candle.

The wife and I have both invested in NVD's (night vision devices) and have not found a downside to those yet. Currently, the industrial technology behind the night vision goggles has been deemed safe (radiation exposure) by national and international organizations that determine the health and safety standards. But of course our government once stood behind cigarettes as being "non-harmful" or even "good for you." So......