What Are You Doing Once Your Electricity Is Back?

Americans all over the East Coast (or at least between a few states of it) are without power, slowly losing sanity and hygiene. Who will charge their phones? What did light bulbs look like? They don't remember. But we asked them what they're gonna do when the juice flips back on, and they have very serious answers.

Diane Brown, President of RXART and Mother of Gizmodo Editor-in-Chief Joe Brown is going to "clean out the refrigerator," and is particularly worried about some stanky "cream" in there.


ABC News Technology Editor and erstwhile netbook enthusiast Joanna Stern has one simple wish: "go back to my apartment charge my phone in my own power outlet!" The expression on her face when this happens will be, she predicts, "a smile."

Homesick Aussie and Advertising Strategist Grace Gordon is going to put "on ‘Love Sosa' and iron some clothes." Whoa, party at Grace's house! Watch out!

Thompson Reuters Junior Product Manager and Ex-Girlfriend Alex Grabowski is "going to take a hot shower, I'm going to make some soup, then probably going to watch TV for like six hours. I'm behind on all of my Hulu shows." I miss you honey.

Tech PR Chieftess Brooke Hammerling is going to "Put cheese in fridge, ice cream and vodka in freezer and dance around in my underwear while playing Taylor swift on Spotify via Sonos." More than we needed to know, Brooke.


Hammerling Protégé and Serious Professional Laura Barganier says "I really just want to be able to dry/curl my hair!"

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