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What Could Be More Relaxing Than a Hot Tub Surrounded By Fire?

Combining the backyard pastimes of hot tubs and fire pits, Cal Spas has created the Cal Flame R-Elements: a hot tub that surrounds those inside with a series of small butane fire pits. Because as anyone who's ever escaped a burning building will tell you, there's nothing more exciting than being surrounded by fire.


The fire pits are included as decorative enhancements, but an open flame is an open flame, so with enough patience and determination you can probably make it work as the world's first hot tub barbecue. Other amenities include color-changing LED lighting, a small relaxing waterfall, an iPod compatible sound system, and various jets designed to soothe your stresses about third degree burns away. One feature that's not mentioned, however, is a fire extinguisher, which Cal Spas might want to think about adding if they ever put this into production. [Cal Spas via HomeChunk]

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Looks like an impressive way to set someones hair on fire. Putting candles around the edge of a hot tub to light peoples hair on fire was not enough for this crew. Way to go all butane. That kind of aromatherapy does not do it for me. Others may have different opinions. Including skewers to roast some chow might make it more interesting. It would be a perfect deconstruction of fondue.