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What Did the Ancient Egyptians Do to Deserve These Gods of Egypt Posters?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With these posters, a movie that I’d barely paid attention to gets the highest compliment I can give: This is so ridiculous, I might have to see it.

Okay. Let’s break this shit down. Gods of Egypt is directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot, The Crow) and is about the epic battle between Horus and Set for the control of the Nile River Valley. That means Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gerard Butler are going to have magical battles.


First of all, wow does Butler’s Set (via Entertainment Weekly) look like he’d be super-hot in Egypt, with all that dark leather. Did he just wander on set in his old Leonidas costume and the went with it? Also, who is the flying dude in corner? Is that him? Because it almost looks like it might have the weird animal head that Set has in Egyptian iconography. Please, please, please give Gerard Butler a long snout and big square bunny ears.


Can an Egyptologist tell me when Thoth (via imdb) got the ability to multiply himself? Because, as awesome as the God of Knowledge is, I do not remember him having the same powers as Multiple Man. No Ibis head in sight, by the way. Boo.

It also appears that Horus (via Yahoo!) has been translated into Poseidon’s douchiest cousin. What is with the scaly cape? And the leather skort? And the amazing shoulder pads? LOOK AT HIS BELT BUCKLE MORTALS AND DESPAIR.


And lest you think that only the men are getting this treatment, I give you Hathor, via Hitfix:


Oh my god, I hope she also turns into a cow like Hathor is wont to do. Just a big, sexy cow. Or she can turn into the war goddess Sekhmet and destroy them all. I’d be into that, too.

Suddenly, Gods of Egypt has gone from “What’s that?” to “I need to know everything”


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