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What Do You Do on Your Phone When You're in the Bathroom?

Illustration for article titled What Do You Do on Your Phone When Youre in the Bathroom?

Look, we all do it. Ever since smartphones made the rack of toilet water-sprayed magazines obsolete, our alone time in the bathroom has gotten a lot more interesting. How do you fill the one-to-three minute void when you're, um, voiding yourself?


It might be the perfect amount of time for playing a round of Two Dots or replying to mom's texts or, I dunno, even joining conference calls? Or maybe you're even joining us from a porcelain throne right now. Let us know—just be sure to wash your hands after!


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1-3 minutes? What are you, a professional speed-dumper? I take a full 5-7 minutes, thank you very much...there's nothing worse than making a pit stop only to realize a few minutes later that you didn't get it all out.