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What does JJ Abrams' love of Apple tell us about... Episode VII!?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

JJ Abrams is a huge fan of all things Apple - so when the company unveiled its new iPhone and Watch yesterday, he took to Twitter to share his thoughts. But in doing so, in true JJ style, he also teased a new teeny bit of news for Star Wars Episode VII.

Header Image: iStar wallpaper by DeviantArt user Ninja-of-Athens

I'll leave the Watch talk to Gizmodo, but upon the product's unveiling yesterday, Bad Robot's twitter account posted this note from the Star Wars and Star Trek director:


But we're less interested about the Watch, and more interested about where exactly JJ has written his note from. The black, reflective floor mirroring thin, white lights should be familiar to any Star Wars fan: They look a hell of a lot like the corridors of the Death Star:


Now, it's a little early - and perhaps a little ridiculous -to say that we could be seeing a Death Star III in Episode VII, but it's still an interesting shot. The Death Star is the only time we've seen this lighting element in Imperial architecture during the movies - the only other stuff we've seen are the bridges of Star Destroyers, and this particular feature doesn't appear in them:


But it does confirm one thing - we're definitely seeing more from the Imperials in the upcoming trilogy. Maybe the design comes from an Imperial base or capital ship, or perhaps, as it was in the former Expanded Universe, maybe the Republic has reclaimed some Imperial ships to use for itself - Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Lando Calrissian all commanded a liberated Star Destroyer rechristened the Liberator in the Dark Empire comics, for example.

Still, it's interesting to see all these tidbits from Mr. Abrams. It's not the first time he's teased elements of the set, either - a previous message about the Star Wars Force for Change initiative showed off a Robot arm, and a video he released about the campaign from the set revealed a new look for the X-Wing fighter. What will JJ tease next?


[Bad Robot, via Slash Film]

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