What Does the New Emoji Sign Say?

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More than 100 new emoji were officially announced on Wednesday, among them more inclusive emoji, a “pinched fingers emoji,” and a dodo bird. But one emoji in particular—the newly introduced placard—confounded Gizmodo staffers, all of whom read radically different wording on the sign.


Bryan Menegus, for example, insisted that the placard read “come over,” while consumer tech reporter Victoria Song interpreted the sign to read “carry on.” Gizmodo’s science editor Rose Pastore—evidently cursed with content brain—suggested that the sign said: “CMS on.”

Senior reviews editor Alex Cranz—who inexplicably insisted for an extended period of time on Slack that this rock emoji was actually a bag of trash—would not weigh in. Hudson Hongo, Gizmodo’s culture editor, and Rhett Jones, our news editor, respectively proposed “curvy owl” and “Mr. Owl.”

Full collection of the new emoji.
Full collection of the new emoji.
Image: Emojipedia

While I adore my colleagues, none of these answers come close to being correct. I must agree with senior reporter Dell Cameron’s correct observation that the sign said nothing, though if I were forced to read some meaning in the sign it might be “cross over.”

Clearly, the placard emoji is a kind of Rorschach test. So, reader, tell us what you see. And while you’re here, maybe you can tell us what the new headstone emoji says, too.


Alex Cranz


it clearly says “carry on.”

and that’s a fucking rock