What events in your lifetime were the biggest surprises?

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No one knows exactly what surprises the future has in store for us. The surprises of the past, however, are a lot less mysterious. Today, we want you to cast an eye backwards and tell us about the biggest surprise that the past you never would have believed was in the future.


Was it the invention of tech that you thought was still years away (hey, past me, soon we'll have cameras built into our phones, which, by the way, will be incredibly small!)? Maybe it's the ways in which we use that tech (but, sorry, we'll mostly just use them to take close-range photos of own faces)? Or maybe it was just something from you own life.

Tell us now in the comments about all the things the past you never would have expected to see, but did.

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Not tech or science related and super low key/personal [and shows how mundane my life is] - But soon after my Son was born and he dirtied his first diaper, the nurse without warning handed him to me - "Change him" and walked away to help my wife. This was mere moments after he was born. I had never changed a diaper before, or held something so small and delicate. I had no clue what to do. What if I hurt him? I was just not expecting it so soon. But looking back. I should have.

Thankfully another nurse realized I was a diaper newb and helped me out for the first one a few moments later.

I know, incredibly lame compared to other likely surprises. But honestly for me it was the first and so far only major time I was genuinely surprised into shock.