What From Your Youth Are You Most Nostalgic For?

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Sometimes we miss things because they were better, and sometimes we miss things simply because they're gone. Today we want to know what things gone by you're most nostalgic for.


Maybe you miss the car you used to drive, a candy that's no longer made, or the clothes you wore. Or maybe you miss the things you didn't have — searching for a pay phone instead of pulling out your cell or watching a TV show as it aired instead of streaming it at your convenience. Tell us about what you miss, and why, in the comments now.



Saturday morning cartoons.

They largely went away in the 90's, replaced by terrible live action shows, then disappeared almost completely in the 00's when things like Cartoon Network took off.

Reasonably priced comic books.

I got into comics when I was 10 years old and they were 75 cents each. With my meager weekly allowance I could buy a stack of comics. Not so, these days. With cover prices of $3.99 and higher, kids are priced out. Most adults are, too. And the publishers wonder why they can't sell more than 20,000 copies of any issue.