What If You Only Had Five Minutes to Live?

This short film was made by someone named Ien Chi for a Campus Movie Fest at Emory University. It's a lovely reminder to focus on the things that matter in life—and to sometimes mistrust our friends just a bit. [Neatorama]


Nothing to See Here!

I don't really understand it and, it just sort of makes me want to say it's a bad movie.

But when I visualize it going the correct way, it seems he took some pills and knew he had little time to live, so decided to return whatever that little box was.

Not bad but, it seems a little odd. I like and hate it if you know what I mean. It was well made and has meaning, but when you think of it...why did he take those pills in the first place? It just sort of makes him look kinda, stupid.

"sometimes mistrust our friends"

Well I don't really trust anyone especially 'friends'.

I don't think I understand the quote by Jobs. I don't understand why people are hating it either just because it was by Jobs.