What iPhone OS 4 Doesn't Give the iPhone 3G

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Obsolescence, meet iPhone. It's true, iPhone OS 4 won't touch the original iPhone at all. But even the iPhone 3G is getting shafted quite a bit with iPhone OS 4.


There's three two major things we noticed missing from iPhone 4.0 on the iPhone 3G, after running this checklist of new hotness.

No Multitasking

The biggie. But, you know, duh. iPhone 3.0 has been barely tolerable on iPhone 3G hardware. Running more processes in the background? With half the RAM of the 3GS, that's just bad news dude. Still, it's a legitimate gripe from a normal person's perspective: "Why can't my iPhone, which looks just like my friend's iPhone, play Pandora in the background too?"

You know, I could handle no multitasking, actually, if it meant that the software would be optimized enough to return to iPhone 2.0 levels of speed and responsiveness. I just want Messages to open in under 5 seconds. That's all. But I know it won't. And I sigh.

No Wallpapers

That's right, no fancy custom wallpapers, no girls in bikinis peering through your apps, or the glow of Mount Doom spewing whatever it is giant evil mountains in Mordor happen to spew when it's the backdrop for your serious Twitter app addiction. Honestly, though I think it's kind of a blessing. The visual noise of a crazy wallpaper, new drop shadows from the icons and other superfluous graphical elements add up to some serious glossy grossness in iPhone 4.0. Give me straight up, classy black any day. But I'm sure a lot of you feel screwed. And the fact remains, not having the option for people who want abuse their phone and their eyes is certainly screwing over the iPhone 3G.



No Zoom in the Camera App

Our sad little camera is just 2 megapixels, doesn't autofocus, and doesn't record video. Now it doesn't do digital zoom, either. Whoops, I guess there is a camera zoom. Many apologies.


We haven't noticed anything else major missing—the new photos app, with albums and faces is there, along with Folders and Game Center. Of course, we figure Apple won't let us miss out on those awesome iAds either. We are talking about beta software, but if you have a now officially old and busted iPhone 3G, and notice anything else missing, do drop a line.



Something I haven't seen anyone bring up is how the 2G people are getting shafted as far as APPS go.

It's clear that the 2G and 3G have pretty-much the EXACT same hardware as far as the OS goes (Yes, no 3G, GPS.) It clearly wouldn't be that difficult to just make a version that would work just fine on the 2G.

The reason this is such a big deal isn't for wallpaper, multitasking or any other new feature. The REAL problem is that most all apps that will be updated to work with 4.0 will REQUIRE 4.0. That means that if you have a 2G and have been running your apps just fine, you'll be totally screwed the next time your apps are updated. You'll be told that you have to be on the 4.0 software to update to the newest versions. You'll also be told you can't install new apps simply because they're 4.0 only, regardless of whether or not they need 4.0-specific functionality.

This is the real slap in the face to those who invested in the original iPhone. It also doesn't bode well for anyone else who has an older iPhone in the future.

Sure, some of you will say, "Just buy a new one." But some of us don't have the money to do that. We had to wheel and deal to get our iPhones in the first place. And now, for no good reason, we'll just get left behind, even though the hardware we have is pretty-much the same as the 3G for most software purposes.

That sucks.