What Is Microsoft's Mysterious Black Nub?

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Microsoft Hardware has been playing some games on Twitter this week, releasing a pair of images that add up to something flat, black, and thin. Pretty sure it's not a Microsoft eraser, so what are our next-best guesses?

Trackpads are certainly en vogue lately, so this could be some sort of peripheral along those lines (especially since Microsoft Hardware focuses on keyboards, mice, etc.). And that makes sense in conjunction with another tweet from the same account:

"Don't be so touchy…flat is where it's at."

Without a sense of scale, though, your guess is as good as mine. New Zune HD? It'd be about time. New Windows Phone 7 handset? That seems to merit a bigger reveal than a Twitter account with less than 500 followers. But hey, who knows?


Either way, they can't drag this out forever. So get your guesses in while you can, before we find out it's just Steve Ballmer's triple deluxe emery board. [MSFTHardware via Engadget]

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