What Is the Most Baffling Decision a Scientist Has Made in a Science Fiction Movie?

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Scientists in science fiction movies are often brimming with esoteric knowledge and incredible skills, but some of them... some of them are very poor decision makers. What is the most perplexing choice made by a fictional movie scientist?

There are certainly a lot to choose from. (Hell, Prometheus could be subtitled “Scientists Doing Dumb Things.”) But the choice that gets me in a particular tizzy is from Interstellar, when the Endurance crew opts to visit Miller’s planet, even though the time dilation resulting from the planet’s proximity to the black hole Gargantua means very little data has been collected from the planet. I wanted to scream at Matthew McConaughey while he was crying over videos of his daughter.

What do you think is the oddest decision a movie scientist has made? Tell us and include a relevant image in the comments.