What's Your Proudest Online Accomplishment?

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The internet is the place to pump your ideas out and hope they'll resonate with someone somewhere. When digital strangers agree with your opinions, fawn over your pictures, or laugh at your jokes, it feels good, man. What was your biggest internet hit?


The one I'll always remember is a post I wrote on a car forum as an early teen. In a discussion about the greatest cars ever made, I wrote a humorously breathless, overblown ode to the Jeep Cherokee. It managed to make people chuckle, and for a few years any time the car was brought up, people would quote my stupid little post.

That forum has since lost all its archives in a botched server change, and anyway I forgot my password ages ago. But it was the first thing I'd posted that somehow grew beyond the confines of the conversation that spawned it. And in a roundabout way, the excitement I felt when people quoted my dumb little post ended up inspiring me to pursue a writing career. You've got a dumb forum post from 2003 to thank for me being here today.

So what's the one thing you've done online that brought you the greatest joy, or at least the greatest notoriety? Doesn't matter if it was small or huge, dumb or profound. Now's your chance to brag about it.

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I just finished my resume website in hopes of landing a design job after separating the Air Force in a few months. This is definitely my proudest internet accomplishment!