Here's What It Looks Like to Get Attacked by a Bear

So you’re doing some hunting in Canada and all you have is a bow and arrow. And then, suddenly, a black bear appears in the distance and starts charging straight at your face. What do you do? You scream—scream and hope for the best.


That’s exactly what happened to Richard Wesley this spring. It probably saved his life, too. Turns out, screaming and standing your ground is the exact right thing to do when a black bear attacks you. If it’s a grizzly bear, on the other hand, you should basically just play dead and pray.

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Glad he made it. I’m not fond of most ‘hunters’ but it appears this guy has it right. Recurve Bow, nothing ‘fancy’, and likely not hunting for ‘trophies’.

The Bear wasn’t angry, just startled. Hunter saw him and squatted. So he’s not in the bears vision. He made little noise, so bear was unaware. Wind picks up and he’s upwind of the bear, so bear Smells him. Bear knows now he’s there, and he gives him the bear equivalent of a ‘get the fuck out of my space’ charge.

If the bear had wanted him dead, he would have been in trouble, ‘smallish’ black bear or no.

Bears are cool. This hunter seems cool too. I’m glad neither killed each other.