What It's Like to Walk Against 100 MPH Winds

Going up against winds over 100 mph? You’re going to lose. Watch as weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham from the Mount Washington Observatory goof off on the observation deck off the mountain in New Hampshire to show us what it’s like to stand, walk, and jump against 109 mph winds. The wind is so strong it pretty much acts like an invisible physical barrier.

You can basically sit on the wind. You can jump up and get tossed back by the wind. You can try to walk against the wind. But you shall not pass.

Read more about the Mount Washington Observatory here. They do really fascinating work.


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Prionace Glauca

You shall not pass? I walked in 140 MPH winds...well, more like strained against it. The rain was stinging my face, I really had to lean into it and watch my balance, and two blocks was exhausting, but I walked. Lost my nerve when I saw roofs peel off and cartwheel down the street...