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Cars, boats, trains, planes. They're all pretty standard kids' toys, and there's nothing wrong with them either. But maybe you want your offspring to get too familiar with something a little more sophisticated at that formative age. How about some nuclear power plant blocks?


Called "Critical Blocks," these sets were created by construction-worker-turned-art-student Maykel Roovers as a graduation project from the Academy of Arts Arnhem. And they're not just limited to a nuclear power plant; Roovers has also designed a block apartment complex, and a block mega farm, with block oil platforms and block factories on the way. The sets somehow seem to manage a stark minimalist style, while still being quite detailed, and pose a stark juxtaposition between the simplest of children's' toys, and some of the pinnacles of human engineering.

The sets themselves are actually for sale, but you won't be buying them for any of the children in your life. At roughly $1,500 a piece, they're expensive to sit behind protective class, much less in close proximity to the grubby paws of a child, future engineer or not. You should probably just put that money away in junior's college fund instead, though admittedly that's not as fun to look at. You can find out more about Roovers' sets on his website. [Co.Design]

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