What Now Glows, He Soon Will Own

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Look outside, New Yorkers. Squint hard enough to see the Manhattan skyline from your barely affordable studio apartment an hour into the outer boroughs, and you can just make out one last act of shameless groveling on the horizon:

In celebration [of the winning bid for Amazon’s HQ2 competition], several key New York City buildings, including the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center, along with electronic billboards and CityBridge’s LinkNYC screens will light up in “Amazon Orange” tonight at 8:00 PM.


New York is projected to give up 4 million square feet of prime waterfront property and close to $3 billion in state and city subsidies and incentives to one of the most valuable companies on Earth in exchange for 25,000 jobs that are likely to drive up rents and choke mass transit. What’s there left to do but celebrate?

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Nifty choice! To get a truck from N.J. to Long Island City, you have to cross the Hudson River $10.50 for a car - off peak. That implies crossing Manhattan which has congestion problems of its own. Depending on the route, a truck might also take the Triborough Bridge at least $5.75. OR a truck could go on the Brooklyn-Queens “Expressway”. There are lots of options. Since so much freight will go by air, there’s always reliable LaGuardia Airport and progressively-overcrowded JFK Airport.

I know the bridge and tunnel tolls are higher for trucks, but I was too lazy to find them. The traffic flow is so fragile that one or two cars obstructing lanes miles from each other can result in astonishing back-ups.

A company doing more and more automating is promising 50,000 jobs. Really? Expect to see robotic pick-and-packers as soon as the paint is dry on the building.

For Bezos, it’s not as much fun being the world’s richest man in say, Kansas as it is in either Manhattan or Washington D.C.