What Should You Have Bought? AAPL Stock or Apple Products?

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That Apple PowerBook G3 250 you bought back in 1997 may have some nostalgic value, sure, but if you had simply bought up some Apple stock instead you'd be sitting on real value, to the tune of about $330,563.


True! If you had simply been granted the mystical skill clairvoyance back in 1997, you would have seen that the $5,700 you plunked down on the G3 would have been worth many more times times that amount in 2010.

The exhaustive, somewhat depressing for a Mac owner list is available in the source link below. A teaser image is above, listing some of the higher returns. [Kyle Conroy]


Broken Machine

I was working for CDnow back in 1996, and I had mentioned something about buying Apple stock to my father, an engineer for HP, and later Agilent. I was just out of college and had no money to invest, but I had urged him to sell some HP stock and invest in Apple after a speech from my boss, Jason Olim, about how all music distribution would be digital and Apple would be leading the way. I had never talked about stocks or money with him in the past, so credibility wasn't an issue, he was just reliant on the fact, that up until then, HP stock was a solid bet. This was Lew Platt days, before Carly Fiorina was wrecking shareholder's investments in grand fashion.

Every now and again he laments the fact that not only was I right, but acknowledges the scale as well.