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What the Hell Is Facecake? (It's an Awesome Augmented Reality Shopping App)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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I really love to shop, but I always feel bad about pestering the salesperson for different sizes or colors of a pair of pants or something. But Facecake eliminates that issue—and makes it so you never have to ask another human being if a pair of jeans make you look fat.

Using Kinect, you can browse through a virtual clothing rack where you can see if that dress looks alright on you or if the purse you picked totally ruins the whole look. There's also a version for testing makeup and accessories called Swivel.


It was pretty fun to try—I love makeup, but sampling a different hue of an eyeshadow isn't as easy as slipping on shoes in another color. And obviously you want to know what something looks like on your face. Swivel literally lets you swipe through color selections. I tried orange, red, purple, and I don't even know, green lipstick? Just using gestures I could instantly make myself look classy or choose more of a hooker clown kind of look. I test drove jewelry and scarves in the same way. Bloomingdale's used the clothing version during Fashion Week at a New York City store, and you're going probably going to see Swivel pop up in more retailers this spring. It's so awesome for me, but also really bad: It's the kind of thing that makes you want to spend, spend, spend.