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What the Hell Is This Giant Green Cloud in Moscow? (Updating)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Something highly strange is going on in Moscow right now—at least according to anxious tweeters. Gas clouds? Chemical explosion? Green mist? Massive pollen? A hoax? Whatever it is—it's bizarre.

We first noticed tweets mentioning strange dark clouds hovering through Moscow, with pictures of a thick, seemingly gaseous grey-green, ashy substance floating around. We're waiting for official reports of Stalin's corpse bursting out of the ground, surging with green ooze superpowers, but for now most of what we're getting is internet hearsay.

Muscovite tweeter @russian_market is propagating a lot of the gas hysteria with a stream of ostensibly legit images—he also says Moscow's Red Square is being evacuated right now. Meanwhile, Russia's Interfax news service it's just pollen. According to a government spokesperson, at least. Wait, wasn't this the plot of that really shitty M. Night Shyamalan movie?


Are you in Moscow? Any idea what's going on? Shoot me an email. If you're still alive.


Here, the cloud looks distinctly toxic green.


Here it just looks like a gloomy day in Mother Russia.


This shot from the absurdists at RT news looks like it was just run through an Instagram filter. This may turn out to be the first disaster hysteria caused by app filter.


Twitter guy @russian_market says this is a shot of the Moscow evacuation, which also happens to look like just some trucks driving around Moscow.

Update: Our reader Nick from Moscow says not to fret, comrade:

It's only pollen from the trees. It happens every Spring.

Roads are bloked for the rehersals of the May Parade - tanks etc will roll through the streets for a couple of hours.

Nothing to worry about.

Has Nick been compromised by the gas cloud? Nick!